Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

This is it. If I have to list one attraction that shall not be missed in England, this would definitely be the one. Yes, I know I might exaggerate a bit. But who doesn't like Harry Potter? Even if you are not overly obsessed with Harry Potter, I guarantee that the art of making a movie from props to post-production effects will inspire you. As a devotee of the Harry Potter series, without a doubt that the 'Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter' was a satisfying and eye-opening experience.

Things you need to know before going 
You must purchase your tickets prior visiting the studio. There are no tickets being sold on the door. 
Get your tickets early! Your ticket is corresponded to a specific date and time. You can only enter the studio at your chosen time, but you can stay inside the studio for as long as you want. I visited the studio in December near Christmas time. As expected, all the good time slots are filled. (By good time slots I meant morning entry times. You don't want to go there near its closing time so that you have to rush through the studio.) I couldn't buy a ticket on the official website since most of the tickets are gone. There's however an alternative way to get tickets.

Alternative way to purchase tickets: Golden Tours (With transportation)
This is where I bought my ticket because I couldn't find a time that suits me on the official studio website. The ticket from Golden Tour is more expensive but it includes return transportation from central London to the studio. It's of course less hassle with the transportation service and lots of tickets were reserved for Golden Tours, therefore I successfully secured a 11:00am spot. BUT, there is a 3.5 hour time limit on visiting the studio as Golden Tour has fixed your return bus time. 

How much time do you need for the studio?
It really depends on how fast you go through the studio. Three and half hour is tight but enough for visiting the entire studio and buy some gifts. Since I'm such a dedicated HP fan, I went through all the production background, took heaps of pictures, enjoyed a cup of butterbeer, rushed through the gift shop and spent all my money, 3.5 hour was certainty not enough for me. I swear I could spend a whole day there.

My advice? Even though Golden Tour was wonderful, get the ticket early on the official website. It's cheaper and more flexible. One more advice, the digital guide is totally worth it so get yourself one if possible. It's not free but you learn much more about the film sets, behind-the-scene videos and funny moments that happened during filming. It's also narrated by Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)!

P.S. If you visit the studio near Christmas time like I did, festive decor will be added to the studio and the Hogwarts model will be covered in snow. How cool is that!

Alright, enough with my blabbering, here're some snapshots of the studio and hopefully they can give you a glimpse of the tour (if you don't mind seeing the tour ahead).

Does butterbeer taste good? YES! To me, it tastes like cream soda with creamy butterscotch froth. Butterbeer is sold in three sizes and two of them come with a souvenir cup that you can take home. Don't miss out!

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